MadLauncher - linlike application launcher

1. Introduction

MadLauncher is simple windows application that is imitation of linux application laucher on Windows platform. It is coded in C++ and Qt framework

2. Base Configuration

This is very easy to use application. The only one thing that this application need is special XML file, that is defining applications that you want to run on your PC. Structure of xml file is quiet easy. Root element is 'configurtation' node. All other nodes are child. Here is some detailed descritpion:

3. Base Usage

MadLauncher is easy to use. Just use shortcut Alt+F2 (as in linux) and you will see window like this:

Usage Dialog

Application will autocomplete commands when you will press first characters of the command. Press enter to run Application (or click but it seems to does not have a sense :) ). When you want to add parameters to command - you have to put it in square parenthesis, e.g gg [something to find in google]. When you have focus on madlauncher, you can press TAB to autocomplete parameter syntax. Thats all.

4. Plugin interface

If you want to add a plugin to MadLauncher just implement PluginInterface provided with application. Here is PluginInterface source code:

Plugin Interface

It's really easy to implement. Here is sample implementation of goole plugin which is provided with MadLauncher:

Google plugin

Google plugin

You need Qt framework and Gcc (MinGW if you make compilation on Windows platform) to create any plugin. As you have plugin, just put it into 'plugins' directory and add info about plugin to configuration.xml file.

5. License

Madlauncher is Charityware. You can use and copy it as much as you like, but you are encouraged to make a donation for charityware orgs:

Thanks for help!

6. Download

Click here to download application